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For most forward thinking professionals and entrepreneurs who are stepping into or are established already in industries deemed ‘high risk’ by many regulators and banks around the world (such as in cryptocurrency, gaming, forex or legal cannabis) are often encountering banking road blocks and incredible high fees for certain services.

Often these industries that are labelled as high risk by traditional banking and PSPs have a high entry cost – albeit in higher fees, regulatory oversight or are merely allowed to exist without much support offered by the industry itself. This is mainly because a number of these high risk industries solutions form part of the service providers proprietary industry know-how and expertise. On the other hand PSPs and banking service providers know your options are limited and therefore charge you more for the privilege of providing you with their service.

By applying what we learnt in the cryptocurrency and forex world, we have identified key issues/pain points that we have the right solutions on offer to help mitigate. 

Tell us what you need help with and we are extremely confident we can provide you a solution that will launch, save or grow your business. At the end of the day we believe that being categorized as high risk does not mean you should be taken advantage of.

    Struggling with or seeking options for better tax and business friendly incorporationSuffering high PSP or banking feesHelp! Our bank has frozen our funds! We are sick and tired of being treated so unprofessionallyI am sick of our current banking partner! It is time we considered our own EMI LicenseB2B banking is our painC2B banking is our painBroker/Exchange and general Business Continuity - maintaining your growth is just as important as your growth planInterested in launching a FX Brokerage businessInterested in launching a Crypto Exchange businessInterested in improving an existing brokerage/exchange with Sales TrainingTrading EducationCrypto to Fiat, Fiat to Crypto Conversions

    Notice: Universal Crypto members provided their expertise in numerous private and public projects worldwide. If you want to learn more about success stories do not hesitate to contact us.