Today the 4th of November marks a two year milestone, from what began as a local DLT consultancy focusing on spreading blockchain awareness and adoption, Universal Crypto has drastically evolved from it’s early days. It has established itself as an integral player in bringing blockchain adoption domestically and internationally. Bridging the gap between the traditional finance sector and the new digital business age, modern practices and solutions. With this progressive evolution it is only natural for a rebranding to take place to reflect the company’s considerable transformation.

As the company established a reputation for itself, Universal Crypto started to focus in on specific sectors. Universal Crypto is passionate about driving adoption and actively participate in a number of initiatives: 


  1. Advising Parliamentary bodies on the importance of blockchain under various representations. 
  2. Direct engagement with, a University of Nicosia powered blockchain e-certification authentication solution.
  3. Application of Distributed Ledger technology within the local Food Supply Chain.  
  4. Tokenizing real-world assets. 
  5. Active participation in forming a national Cypriot response to standards developed under ISO TC 307 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Technical Committee.
  6. Associate Members of Cyprus Blockchain Association
  7. Direct engagement with D-Core – a decentralized research platform (a venture by Oracle-D, YooDoo and KMG Capital Markets). 
  8. Speakers and organizers at public outreach events such as the Nakamoto’s Den, Bitcoin Club Cyprus and Decentralized Chapter.
  9. Consulting, implementing and auditing against the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) by securing Information Systems for clients/partners who make use of cryptocurrencies.


New Logo

To give you an insight into the philosophy and meaning behind the new UC identity and logo: “The circle ring represents the world, and each semi circle is connected to a different letter, this symbolises the yin and yang. They are connected in the center, which represents unity.”
In Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, interdependent in the natural world, and how they interrelate to one another. The UC logo has transformed from a hexagon shape to a unique and seamless linear pattern logo. Providing our blockchain consultancy with an exclusive design, making the logo much more personal and distinctive to us. 


New Website

The Universal Crypto website has also undergone a complete reconstruction, and we are now proud to reveal our new digital identity, which reflects the passionate service and guidance that UC provides to all of its clients. The new website has evolved from our original classic ‘Black & White’ theme to a more modern, vibrant and sophisticated theme, including deep shades of purple and blue. The ideology behind Universal Crypto choosing these two colours was the following; Purple symbolises creativity, inspiration, and introspection. On the other hand, the Deep Blue colours represent depth, expertise, and stability. 

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Bogdan Maslesa
(Founder & CEO, Universal Crypto)